Tanglewood Arena
Tanglewood Arena


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Tanglewood Arena launches new Website and Booking system

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A new programme of visiting Guest instructors will be launched this Autumn 2018.


Kicking off with a fun weekend with Rachel Fairbrother and Graham Savory, they will be returning over the season with many more dates....


Izzy Laurence has her Tuesday afternoons still, these sessions can be booked online.


Please look at our Facebook page for dates, booking advice and other events.

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Tanglewood Arena

Tanglewood Farm Stables

133, Markfield Lane
Newtown Linford


Contact us directly:


07712 190402


Or use our contact form.

New online presence

Explore our facilities, book our arena and find important information,  and announcements concerning Tanglewood Arena on our new website. We look forward to seeing you!

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