Tanglewood Arena
Tanglewood Arena

Guest Instructors 

 At Tanglewood Arena, our 35m x 70m area provides lots of space to practice and offers an interesting and comfortable environment in which to train. 

We will be hosting Guest intructors, Izzy Laurence, Rachael Fairbrother and Graham Savory this autumn


Please use our Arena Booking Link for Izzys Tuesday Clinic. 

Our current clinic programme and schedule

Combined Training Clinics
with Ginnie Turnbull and Jonathan Canty
At Tanglewood Arena 2022
29th January, 26th February, 26th March, 30th April
Johnathan Canty is a BD listed judge, regularly judging BD and BE, currently competing his own homebred dressage horse. BHS coach. Specialising in developing happy partnerships and gaining more marks in the ring.
We are excited to join forces for the day, to have some FUN training. The idea is to have two sessions, one flatwork and test riding and one showjumping
We are planning on running each rider’s 2 session either Morning, or afternoon there isn't too much hanging around, but time for coffee☕️, cakes ??or snacks ? or even Prosecco?, depending on which time of the day the riders are having their sessions.
Each session is one to one and riders may jump before flatwork. Each session is 40 mins long. Feel free to be on board to have a walk round before the sessions begin. ??
Test riding judged on either BE92/BE110 or any other test if you give Jonathan some notice!
Really limited spaces available……hoping everyone will watch each other to pick up some hints in between their sessions.


Helen Sharp HS Confidence Coaching - next date TBC


This is the perfect opportunity for:

? A first outing 
? A new combination 
? Trying poles/jumping for the first time
? Looking to progress your pole-work/jumping
? Course jumping 
? Having some likeminded horsey fun
? Improving confidence

Message Helen on Facebook to book in

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